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Wondering if a HL dog is non allergenic? No dog or animal is non allergenic, this is because they ALL have dander and Cresties are no exception, even the hairless ones. Some times people who are genreally allergic to other animals may not be allergic to cresteds. But the only way to know FOR SURE is to meet a crestie and test it out. If you think getting a crestie will not cause an allergic reation and you are wrong you could be in for alot of heart break if you have to give up your new pet. Try and contact a breeder who is willing to let you meet the dogs first

Indiana's mom

Indiana's mom


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If you contact a breeder who is willing to work with you to make sure you can handle living with any dog breed that claims to be easier on allergies you can ask to test the waters so to say. A good test is to send a plain white tee shirt to the breeder and ask them to allow the pup you are interested in to nap on top of or cuddled into the shirt and then send it back to you or pick it up from them. Place it in your pillowcase for the night and see how you react to being "near the dog". If you recieve the shirt in the mail have the person with the allergies take it out of the envelope to begin the test. If you are going to visit the breeder a good idea is to ask them to bathe the pup you will be meeting so it can be as dander free and clean as possible and have them keep the pup away from the others until you being your visit. If you can tolerate that one pup you can progress to meeting the others but do so slowly to make sure your system can handle it. If they have any other breeds in the house you will react to being in the house so check first and if they do have other breeds whether they breed them or not. If they have other breeds you can see if they can bring the one freshly bathed pup to a meeting location or your home in an area you can clean easily in case of reaction. If you are allergic to dogs a good way to keep the dander down is to bathe the dog regularly and not allow them to sleep in your bed.

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