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Renal Disease

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Hey guys! It has been a long time since I have been on here... Tulip, now 8 went to the vets mid August as I noticed she had pretty much stopped eating and was vomiting... turns out she was in Acute Renal Failure... after a week at the vets getting fluids we got her turned back around. This past Friday I felt something was off and wanted my hopeful paranoia eased... Took her back in and her levels were elevated again... they were just over the normal mark so they sent me home with appetite stimulant. She did really well eating and drinking yesterday, however today is another story.. I got her to eat about a third of her k/d canned food this morning but that was it... as the day progressed she acted interested in other foods but I couldn't get her to eat her k/d food... so I boiled hamburger and she gobbled that up... if anyone has had experience in kidney issues what were your tricks to get yours to eat...


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