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Grooming Powderpuff To Pony Cut

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Hello all! We are bringing home our little powderpuff in a few weeks, and are SO excited! I am new to this breed, and have heard nothing but amazing things.

Questions, I’m hoping you guys can help with:
1. At what age can I bring the puppy to a groomer to be cut like a pony cut?
2. How do you find a breeder that “specializes” in grooming this way?

Thanks so much in advance!!


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Cresteds are awesome, there is no doubt in my mind, so I think you are making a good choice lol


Any pup with hair long enough to cut can be groomed into a pony cut, but I'm guessing that to get the look you are hoping for it is going to take a little bit to grow out...


I would start getting your little one used to being groomed, touch their feet and handle their nails, give rewards for allowing you to comb and handle thier face and cheeks and ears... go slow...start small and work up to longer and longer duration of time being handled and fussed over... the better your little one likes being handled the easier and safer it will be later on down the road for you or another groomer to clip your pup. It shouldn't feel like a punishment for your little one to be groomed! 


There are some good posts pinned in the Chinese Crested Skin Care & Grooming section, and some really good reference photos! 


I'm not sure what you mean about a breeder that specializing in the style... could you explain a bit more what you mean? I would like to think that any reputable breeder who has shown crested and invested in the breed would know what you mean by that style to give you helpful pointers!

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