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Virus Scare

- - - - - vomiting diarrhea dehydration

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We had quite a scare last week with our 13-week old puff, Honey.  Fortunately, she is well now.  The timeline went something like this:

  • Tuesday - First symptoms
    • 4 AM:  She woke up and was dry heaving.
    • 7 AM:  She did her "business" and ate her breakfast.
    • 1 PM:  She vomited her breakfast.
    • She ate and drank very little that evening.
  • Wednesday - Obviously ill
    • She would not eat or drink at breakfast.  Made appointment with vet.
    • 2 PM:  During vet examination had "explosive" diarrhea.  Tested positive for Parvovirus.  At this point we were devastated and feared the worst.  She was given antibiotics and a subcutaneous injection of saline for hydration.  We brought her home with some Metoclopramide to give her for vomiting.  We scheduled to have her at the vet Thursday morning to begin treatment.
    • She would not eat or drink that evening.
  • Thursday - IV fluids all day
    • 7 AM:  She was admitted at the animal hospital and given an IV solution.
    • 1 PM:  Vet reported that she had not vomited, had no diarrhea, and had no fever.
    • 5:30 PM:  The IV was removed and she was given a subcutaneous saline injection.  We brought her home for the night.  The IV port was on her left leg and she wore a collar guard to keep her from biting at it.
    • She was weak that evening but we were able to get her to drink a few teaspoons of Pedialyte.
  • Friday - More IV fluids and then discharged
    • 6:30 AM:  She ate 1 teaspoon of Urgent Care a/d canned food and was acting hungry
    • 7 AM:  She was admitted at the animal hospital and given an IV solution.
    • 1 PM:  Vet reported that she was doing better and no adverse symptoms.
    • 5:30 PM  The IV and port were removed and she was given a subcutaneous saline injection.  She was discharged and would not need to come back.
    • 7 PM:  She ate 1/3 can of Urgent Care a/d and was more active despite the bandage on her leg.
    • 8 PM:  Bandage was removed and she was very playful.
  • Saturday - Much better
    • 8 AM:  Went out and did her "business".  Then ate 1/3 can of Urgent Care a/d plus some puppy food.
    • She was very hungry and ate several small meals.  By the end of the day she was 90% back to normal.

She is doing fine now and we think the test for Parvovirus was a false-positive due to her receiving a shot the week before.  We don't know what she had but the vet said it didn't really matter as the treatment would be the same.  We are so thankful that she is now doing well.


Here are some photos showing her leg and a video of her back to normal on Saturday morning:


Honey with bandage from IV
Honey leg shaved for IV







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Oh my goodness, I am sorry that no one has replied to you as of yet. Thank you for sharing Honey's harrowing experience with us, and with such detail! I cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions you and your family have been through, and I am SO glad that she is doing so well!!! 


Have you noticed any lingering affects from the sickness, or has she continued to improve since being released from the vet?


Were they able to figure out a definitive diagnosis at this time?


I find it amazing that you were able to bring her home between treatments, I would have found that so much more comforting for everyone involved to know that she was in the best care possible for the over night hours!


She is absolutely adorable by the way! Sending you all some positive vibes for a healthy future for Honey!!!

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I’m just now seeing this. I’m so happy to be reading that she’s doing well! Parvo makes them dreadfully sick, and most don’t survive. I was also surprised they were sending her home with you each day! What vaccinations did she have right before she got sick? I’m just thinking out loud here, but wondering if what she had wasn’t in fact an adverse reaction to a vaccine?

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