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She Is So Sassy

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Hello all! I am so happy I have found this website.  My baby girl turned 18yrs old in sept.  She is a powered puff and she is sassy.  When I got her she was a baby girl and quickly became companions with my beloved black lab "Buster".  They were the best of friends for 15 years until I laid his sweet soul to rest.  After many years of contemplating moving bc of her age I finally decided to do so.  She weathered the moved from NH to MD, well I thought, and it was to warmer climate. She has many warm sweaters :-) My neighbor below me stated she barks a lot when I am not home.  I bought a security camera to check in on her and sure enough she was.  Maybe she did it prior to moving but I don't know bc I lived in the country and did not have close neighbor's.  Anyway, I need advice on how to help her stop barking while Im at work or just out for dinner. I have laid my clothes out and that does not seem to matter.  I hired a dog walker, that does not seem to matter.  I have tried talking to her through the security cam but she is 18yrs old and can not hear well.  She is so vibrant and full of life and drives me crazy at 18yrs old.....should she not be quiet and sleeping like a cat?  I was thinking of looking into getting a device that when she barks it sends a high pitched sound to make her stop.  But again she is hard of hearing.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  


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Buy your neighbor some ear plugs! Lol, but really at 18 I'm going to guess she is pretty stuck in her ways.. If she is hard of hearing/limited sight she might just be trying to find you? Also a new home can be a big change for them, She could just be unsettled in her new space.... Does she have a crate to snuggle down in? maybe if she has a cave to crawl into she might be more relaxed through the day?

Its hard to say... our little ones all have such different and vibrant personalities there is never a one size fits all for them! LOL

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Welcome here too by the way! 

***just a small kindness can turn a day around***




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18 is a ripe old age for our kiddos! My eldest is 15, and for the past year has been blind, deaf, and has some dementia. Which makes me wonder if your little old gal might have a bit of dementia, too. It can cause some dogs to vocalize incessantly, or they can go silent like my Ruby has. :( At any rate, not sure what to suggest to help you quiet her when you aren't at home. Like Esylum mentioned, perhaps she just needs more time to settle into her new surroundings. I would love to see photos of her!

Welcome to the forum! 😊

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