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This Dog - Geez

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This dog! gosh she has taken over my life in unexpected ways. 


The first couple of days went fine - she ate, her poop looked good and then things went down hill. A combination of new food, water, the stress of the flight all caused her to have a major stomach upset. 


She started having really bad diarrhea which became (excuse the graphicness) bloody and full of mucus. Naturally I became concerned. 


She continued to be super active and to drink but the only thing I could get her to really eat has been bits of cheese.  


I should note that I was not and am not concerned that she has parvo. She has all of her shots, she exhibits no signs of parvo and her poo while gross does not smell like parvo (I did rescue for a lot of years before retiring a few years back.) 


That being said I dewormed her (just in case) and started her on Parvaid and Vibactra because they are great for clearing up intestinal upsets.  


Her poop started looking better by the next day but she still has shown no real enthusiasm for dog food (canned or dry) she has however continued to devour cheese. 


Anyway I say all this long back story to get to this point:   I have never let a dog eat off of my plate before today. I sat down on the couch with a bowl of mashed butternut squash and the little freak went crazy.  Seeing as how she has not been eating much ... I let her have at it. 


Maybe she is like her Mum and prefers veggies?


She cannot just eat cheese and squash the rest of her life!  suggestions?   Sorry this is so rambling!




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Phew jeepers, give your self a pat on the back for not losing your mind completely by this point! LOL


I would suggest from our personal experiences, fast 12-24 hours if she ever gets to the point where her stool is bloody and mucus... if she will still not eat after that point get her to the vet asap, as there could be other things going on, Doesn't have to be parvo, but that is always a scary one when the little one is new. 


My kids have severe food allergies, the fasting is important because.., think of yourself with a bad case of the flu or food poisoning... even if you want to eat something putting anything into your stomach can make the pains and stress worse.


A lot of crested owners have had good results by doing a fast and then a boiled chicken and rice or boiled hamburger... my kids are all allergic to that so we fast and then go the safer route of for us and just start reintroducing their regular food in small amounts with water and pumpkin. Switching to canned food, from kibble, to human food can just prolong the upset. keep in mind that trying a bunch of things on an already upset tummy can make it worse... the squash was probably one of the best things she could have binged on, lol, just be careful because too much can also cause diarrhea. Less is best ;)


Where she is so little I would always be afraid of dehydration if she is not taking any thing in, or not enough, when in doubt- a trip to the vet is always the best course of action in my opinion. 


*fingers crossed* your little one is on the mend and it was just a bunch of stress purging from her system!



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She is continuing to drink and she is still super spunky and active. I have started giving her Nutri-Cal a few times a day to make sure she is getting enough calories. 


My regular vet is on vacation until the end of the month and I reaaaally hate the other guy in the office! I was able to get my regular vet on the phone though who believes she may have Giardia so since there isn't really any harm in treating her for it we have started treatment for that today.


She also started to eat kibble again today but only if she is sitting on my lap while doing so.......


and I bought some ground chicken and cooked that up but she won't eat it.  I don't want to fast her because she is so tiny that I worry about low blood sugar. 


We will eventually get it all figured out!  If she stops drinking or starts acting in any way lethargic I will take her into the vets office (or the ER) immediately. 


I know she has an intestinal upset - but a part of me is wondering if she might be playing me just a little bit :P 



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