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Feeding Ritual

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I envy those people in the pet food commercials. They just scoop a load of "Yummy Chunks" or whatever into a bowl and their pet(s) run in and contentedly eat their dinner before frolicking playfully.


Feeding our three cats and five dogs has to be planned like a military operation:


1) Fight your way to the pet food cupboard. As soon as they realise what you are up to, all five dogs will get under foot as they clamour at the cupboard door. The cats will start yowling as well, and if Rygel makes the mistake of miaowing whilst he is on the floor, Rosie will try to find him and there'll be trouble. Also if Smeagol and Spike get too close to one another, there will be an argument.


2) Prepare the cat food. Remember Rygel is on a special diet because of struvite crystals


3) Prepare the dog food. Remember:

     a) Rosie needs her non-slip bowl, and special diet for her struvite problem

     b) Billy has more biscuit (kibble) than the others, but mix it in well with the meat so that the others don't realise he is getting more biscuit than them. Just sprinkle Sapphire and Lily's biscuit on top of the meat so they think they are getting more than they actually are. 

     c) Put Dizzy's biscuit carefully to one side of his meat because he doesn't like it if they are touching.


4) Feed the cats first, because otherwise they will try to eat from the dog's bowls and there will be trouble. Feed the cats on the stairs, leaving at least one empty step between each of them to limit opportunistic grabs from someone else's bowl. 

     a) Spike goes on the highest step, Smeagol in the middle, and Rygel lowest down.

     b) Put Smeagol's bowl down first, otherwise he will try and grab the first bowl that goes past, and spill it everywhere.

     c) Put Rygel's bowl down immediately afterwards, otherwise he will simply mug Smeagol for his food.

     d) Spike's bowl goes last, as by now Smeagol will be too distracted by his own bowl to try investigating Spikes.


5) Close the gate at the bottom of the stairs. Make sure all the dogs are in the kitchen (Four of them will be clamouring for food, but Dizzy may be sulking on the sofa by now). Close the gate between the kitchen and the hallway.


6) Feed Rosie in isolation between the two stair gates. If she thinks any of the others are getting close to her bowl, there will be trouble.


7) Put the other dog bowls down in the kitchen in the following order: Billy, Sapphire, Lily, Dizzy. Ensure they are well spaced out. Dizzy will try to grab from Sapphire's bowl as you put it down, but don't let him.


8) Watch all the animals like a hawk as they eat to stop any trouble before it starts.

     a) Billy and Lily will finish their food within seconds, and investigate each others' empty bowls. That's fine.

     b) Billy will try to steal from Sapphire's bowl. Chase him off before she does!

     c) Half way through his meal, Dizzy will decide to go out for a pee. Guard his bowl for him until he gets back.

     d) Once he has eaten the meat, Dizzy will take a few biscuits at a time off to a dog bed to eat. Sapphire and Billy will try to raid his bowl when he's away from it. Don't bother moving Dizzy's bowl next to the bed as he will then go somewhere else to eat.


9) Once EVERY SINGLE BISCUIT has been eaten, pick up all the bowls, and let Rosie out of solitary confinement. If there is even one biscuit on the floor, Lily and Rosie will fight over it. Before now blood has been drawn over a single leftover biscuit.


10) Put the packets of dog and cat biscuits, and unopened sachets of cat food and Rosie's food back in the cupboard and ensure the door is firmly latched, otherwise Rygel will get hungry at 3:00am, and help himself to every packet of pet food he can tear open.


11) Now relax...

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Put a sane man alone in a room with a teacosy, and it is only a matter of time until he puts it on his head.



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LMAO!  And I thought I had it rough with 5 dogs, 2 cats, 4 turtles and tank full of fancy guppies.


My chaos starts when I refresh the water bowl.  This ritual immediately alerts the canines/felines that the breakfast ritual is beginning and sends Bailey to the patio.  He immediately starts running laps around the pool and barking.  He will take a break after a couple laps to run through the kitchen, to assess where I am in preparing food, and then continues with his laps and barking.  This is the dog I had to drag to his bowl to eat when I adopted him 9 months ago.  He is the first one to finish now!


Once the scooping of kibble starts, I have Zoey incessantly jumping to see what is going in the bowls.  (Vet said to keep her from jumping because of a grade 1 luxating putella.  I looked at him and laughed!)  Zoey (at 10 lbs) is my Mexican jumping bean and stole a lobster tail off the kitchen counter the night before.  Meanwhile, Harley Quinn is jumping on the back of my legs, getting that special spot on the back of your knee that makes you almost fall to the floor.  Then there is my 14-1/2 year old Teddy (blind, with horrible arthritis and joints).  He unknowingly gets under my feet.  I step on him and then he lets out an ear-piercing shrill cry.  All the while, I have Miss Kitty screaming at me for her food.


Once I get a little wet food and various meds added into the bowls it is time to place the bowls on the floor.  This is assuming there are no bonus extras (i.e. something out of a baggie or the microwave to add to their food),which just causes more havoc and excitement.


Like you, mine are fed in a specific order dependent on how quickly everyone eats; and then, yes, I have to watch everyone like a hawk!  Once the dog's bowls are placed down, I quickly place the cat's bowls on a bakers rack (so the dogs can't get them).  Mittzie refuses to jump up and demands to be lifted to her food (no medical issue, she just has me trained).


If its a good morning, I can feed the turtles and fish (who act like they haven't eaten in a week), before DD's dog (a 6 lb Maltese) has pushed Teddy away from his bowl.  Gozer can eat her food faster than any Crested I have ever had!


This is my relaxing morning which starts at 6:30 a.m.  LOL!



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do either of you manage to do anything during the day , other than feed the pets ? I'm tired out just thinking about it !.......

thanks for a laugh

you both seem to have meal time down pat




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I am afraid I am somewhat of a cheater. My dogs have always been fed in their crates!  They go out into the yard before meal times for a potty break while I get their food ready. The bowls go into their crates and the dogs come in and go into their crates to eat. 


I have an anxiety disorder and that much chaos would end up sending me over the edge.

Bella&Marley's Mommy

Bella&Marley's Mommy


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It's not too chaotic at my house, just loud... very very loud. As soon as the dogs see me getting the bowls out they break out into an ear piercing chorus that only stops once everyone has their face buried in kibble. They do get their bowls in order though. Marley gets a little extra because he's the biggest, gets the first dish, and if I don't give him extra he tries to finish off Chloe's. They also have to eat spaced out around the kitchen or else they squabble about who's getting too close. Parker eats in the dining room with the kitchen closed off or else he spends dinner time growling and guarding his food if someone so much as breathes in his direction. My mother in law's Pomeranian is always last to finish but as long as I'm physically in the kitchen and Marley was fed his extra bit there's no fighting or food stealing.

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  • LocationRunning with Scissors

Lol I don't feel quite so bad about our feeding ritual now after reading others lol.

When I get home from work every Monday to Friday the kids know it is time for "the S word" ... you can't even say that anymore but goodness help you if you actually say Supper in our house, you are guaranteed to get a punch in the throat from Biko and as you are keeling forward from lack of o2 Errol will jump up and head butt you or gutt punch you... the other kids will circle their victims legs until they hit the floor, and then I am certain they would hollow them out like a taun taun if they thought they might starve to death... (after about 5-7 mins....  ) Everyone gets their own bowl, Chewie gets kibble and he takes the longest so he gets to have his bowl first, and then Kikyo and Errol and Biko all get theirs at the same time but separated as Kikyo is a resource guarder. Errol will hoover his whole, its good he doesn't need to chew it because he just swallows it whole. he will then move on the Biko's bowl if no one is watching. Biko has to have his bowl on his own little table that his Nona made him, or else he gets fits due to pinched nerves in his neck. When Biko is done he will usually head to the back door to go out and Errol will start to clean his bowl. Kikyo usually finishes around this time and she will go to ground because she usually hates going outside, Errol will then clean her bowl... Usually Chewie finishes last, but depending on the urgency of the outside trip he either has his bowl picked up until after outside, or if he is done his bowl is removed so Errol doesn't get the kibble traces (food allergies) We have a rule with our kidlets... food goes in.... poop comes out, LOL , so all the kids get herded up and taken out and that is usually the end of our Supper time protocols. LOL

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