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Feet Allergies

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My hairless CC has bad allergies on his feet.  He really flares up in Florida, despite me wiping his paws after our walks.  They get beet red with bumps and Albert is constantly licking them - to the point he almost gets scabs.  He basically has no hair on his feet.  I am looking for suggestions of a product to use to provide some relief.  Whatever it is, he will lick off, so nothing toxic.  I've purchased expensive shampoo from the vet (for yeast), which is supposed to stay on for 5 minutes (oh yeah - that really works).  After using that his feet look like he is wearing red socks!  Albert is on grain free salmon (no change in his food since I've had him).  I also use organic coconut oil in his food.  The rest of his skin is great (except a tail FULL of blackheads) - yuk.  I'd love to provide some relief for my poor guy - I can't imagine what it feels like to constantly itch.  I've even put socks on him, but he gets them off. Thanks!  Lynne




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Hi, the answer to biting feet and frantically chewing off all the hair is.... drum roll please, a Medicine in pill form called Apoquel. It is dosed according to weight of the dog. This medication changed my dog’s life from a living hell to a wonderful life. I’m not kidding, this is serious and the symptoms my CC had went on all day and into the night and not only I’d it drive him crazy it drove me into such frustration trying to stop him from always biting his front paws until there were barely any hairs longer than 1/8 inch around his wrist and top of feet. It was awful and this was for the first three years of his life.

We had a new vet, she is wonderful, and she took the time to investigate online in her vet world (where? I don’t know), but she came back into the room and described the symptoms as a burning, tingling sensation is what my CC was feeling and he was compulsively trying to make it stop. ONE PILL, yes after that first pill within a few hours he stopped the incessant biting of his front paws. Done, except for a bit of licking, brief but no biting. Now he doesn’t bother them at all.

My husband is a pharmacist and said it was a medication used to treat people for psoriasis, and now used in dogs successfully. It’s dirt cheap for people, it’s $45 each m0nth for me. Unfortunately my husband can’t get the 10 mg dose pill. Ugh. No worry, we just have to buy it every month for the rest of the dog’s life, aaaaaaah! Honestly I would have paid hundred more just to get h9m to stop biting and biting and biting, poor guy. He would growl at me when I tried to stop him in the middle of the night when I’m wakened by the shaking and biting, I wanted to growl, too!

This Apoquel medication gave my CC his life back, peaceful days and nights and he is so much happier. It’s amazing. I hope this helps people as it has made all the difference in the world for my dog. Oh, and yes, I thought it was allergies, food, then fabric softener, detergent, fabrics on clothes, shampoos, conditioners, coconut oil, on and on. Believe me I tried everything for a few years. Truth was, in fact it was his immune system being a bit haywire and there was nothing I could ever do to change this, it was only affected by Apoquel. I am so grateful words can’t express.

Hope this helps.

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Tulip is on Apoquel too... it is a godsend


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