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Should I Go To The Emergency Clinic? Or Wait To See My Vet Next Week? Advice Please!

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Pooka, my 6 year old Powderpuff CC, began noticeably limping yesterday on our daily morning walk. She has been a bit lower energy than usual for about a week, but I did not notice a pronounced limp until yesterday.

Today, she cried when my sister picked her up and cradled her back legs. Pooka is very quiet about pain... she has never cried for vaccines, blood work, or even when she has been bumped or stepped on.

We have stairs in the house, and she limped up them one at a time this morning. It seems clear now that her back left left is painful, maybe both... it's hard to tell. I cannot feel any breaks or unusual lumps, but she definitely does not want to bend her back left leg at the knee and holds it pretty straight when I move it.

It's Thanksgiving so I can't see my vet today! I don't think it's something that warrants an emergency visit, but I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this, because if it could be really dangerous, I am near an emergency clinic.

Pooka has been in good health her whole life, with only occasional tummy troubles. We go for 1-2 walks each day (until the limp) and she is the only pet in the house.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


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If Pooka appears to be in constant pain, I would personally be inclined to take her in, or at the very least phone them to discuss possible pain relief until you can get her to your own vet.

If it only seems to hurt when she moves around, you could try to keep her quiet and pamper her until tomorrow morning (perhaps crate her, if you use a crate)


Unfortunately without knowing your emergency vet, it is difficult to judge. Some are very pragmatic, and others seem to focus more on the opportunity to make money.

Put a sane man alone in a room with a teacosy, and it is only a matter of time until he puts it on his head.


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What did you do in the end?

Put a sane man alone in a room with a teacosy, and it is only a matter of time until he puts it on his head.

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