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Is A Chinese Crested The Right Breed For Us?

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Hi all I'm completely new here!

So we are thinking of getting a Chinese crested puppy. My husband is very concerned if it will fit in with us as a family. When I'm searching I'm reading a lot of conflicting things! So I thought why not hear it from the horses mouth and ask some owners!

OK so first of its my self and my husband and our 2 children. Our children are aged 9 and 15 years and are both Autistic.
They are not severely Autistic. They have a lot of anxieties. They are very caring and loving boys. The younger son loves dogs in fact we have a dog already because of his love for them. We have missy who is a crossed labrador and Cocker spaniel.

Missy is 4 years old and looks like a smaller version of a labrador.

Our older son absolutely adores animals, we have a cat named coco who is mainly for him.

My self and my husband are both full time carers for our sons, I also suffer from bad depression.

At times our house can be a little hectic but things are mostly in a routine due to our sons Autism.

So the reason why I've got my heart set on a Chinese crested is because of a few things. I love how they look! They are so unique looking and I for one do not follow the crowd lol
I'm only 35 and husband is 39. In an ideal world I would love to have another baby.
But that's never going to happen. As we have 2 children with Autism the chances are that our 3rd child would be Autistic.
The amount of fighting I had to do for my children to get them the education they needed was horific.
I suffer with bad depression and I'm not mentally prepared to go through that again. So I'm feeling very broody and know it can't happen.
I want a Chinese crested as I've read that they are very close to the family, I want a lap dog that will stay by me that will cuddle into me.

I've read a lot of conflicting things about Chinese crested dogs like some websites say they are hard to train for toileting and will urinate all over the house while others say the opposite that they are very trainable in this area?

So please could you all help me!
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