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May Be Getting A Cc... Some Questions

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Hello everyone

I'm a newbie here and I might be getting a 10 week old female powder puff CC soon (depends if another interested party goes through or not). She will be my mum's lapdog pet. My family has owned all sorts of dogs, big and little. My mum has had heaps of different dogs in her lifetime but this will be the first CC we've ever had. I've read through pages of Google search results and CCs sound pretty good but I do have some questions.

We're a household with 5 people, all 19+ years so no little kids. Rural property, 40 acres, BIG yard. We run a home based online business so there's always someone at home. We currently have 2 dogs; a senior retired indoor maremma and a young maremma who guards the poultry and is inside some of the time. We feed our dogs a 50/50 diet of raw chicken and rice+cooked-or-raw-veggies. We have 3 indoor cats and a dove (in a cage). We have chickens, ducks, geese etc outside. They're fenced off but get in the house yard sometimes.

I know CCs were historically used to hunt rats. Do they chase small animals? Will she try to eat our chickens or can we socialise her?

DO they dig much or not? Can they be taught not to? There's conflicting info on this online as some sites say they don't dig, others say they love digging...

Is it as hard to potty train them as some say or not? We've had years of trouble with our cats toileting everywhere and have only just managed to mostly rectify the problem through many lifestyle, diet, litter and litter box changes. I'd rather not go through it again with a dog!

Just a general list of pros and cons I should be aware of? Are they much like chihuahuas? We've owned 3 chihuahuas in the past.

My mum really wants a loving, cuddly lapdog to retire with. This girl we're looking at is super cute. CCs seem to fit the bill but I want to make sure I know as much about them as possible before we go ahead!

Thanks in advance!




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Oh also... can CCs get through pool-style fencing? Half the yard is fenced in aluminium pool fencing (horizontal bar across the bottom + verticle bars) and the other half is dog mesh.



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Hi there and welcome to crush!


Of course all dogs are different even amongst the same breed but I will tell you about my 2 Hairless...........


1. Sounds like any dog you take on will be a lucky one!

2. My bitch doesn't chase anything ever! My dog loves to chase everything, especially squirrels but he doesn't hurt anything. He chases the neighbours cats but if they don't run he stops and tries to play with them. He also gets on well with my dog walkers cats. She sometimes takes him home after their walk to play with them (I am not too sure how the cats feel about this!) He has never caught a squirrel so I cant comment. He loves to chase birds but he once found an injured one and he just sniffed it and barked at me to come take a look. Long and short of it, I think that  like any other dog they can be taught not to hurt the other animals.

3. Niether of mine dig.

4. Potty training....................urm....................................well, lots of the CC's on here are potty trained really well but it does seem to be a common issue. And mine are the only dogs I have ever had where I have struggled with it. Fidget came from a puppy farm at age 5 in 2012 and we quickly trained her to use a puppy pad indoors but we could not get her trained to go outside for a long time. It is only the last 6 months or so where she actually started to ask to go out (as long as you recognize the signs. she won't go to the door but she just starts wimpering wherever she is) Gizmo came to us aged 9 months in 2010 and again it took us a really long time to achieve it with him. In the end we put him in belly bands in the house and that seemed to do the trick. He started to reliably pee outside when we put him out. (before that we would put him out, and he would then come in and pee inside). Even when the door was open they would not choose to go out. About 12 - 18 months ago he got pretty reliable if we put him out often, and for about the last 9 to 12 months he will ask to go out. It has been a long road though.

5. THE CRESTIE SCREAM - this is one to be aware of. I have never heard any other dog do it. i think there are youtube videos if you don't believe me! Basically, it sounds like you are torturing a cat! Mine don't do it often but by god when they do its ear piercing. It usually only happens with mine if you are doing something they don't like. Fidget will do it if you hold her foot and the nail clippers (before they get anywhere near her!)

6 Lap dogs? Oh yes.

7. Clowns that will have you crying with laughter? Oh yes

8 Fencing- I think it depends on the size and temperament of the dog, but they can be taught bounderies. I have a bar across the floor between rooms where the wood floor meets and they know they are not allowed to cross it when I'm cooking. In the park there is a line accross the path about 50 ft before the car park and they know they are not allowed to cross it, so they wait when they get to it to have their leads put on. I think it would be easy to teach them not to try and get through the fence.

9 Intelligent? to clever for their own good sometimes!

10 Stubborn? I've never known anything like it, and I am used to hounds!


and last but not least, given all that, would I have anything else? NO NO NO NO and NO!

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Bella&Marley's Mommy

Bella&Marley's Mommy


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I have 5: 1 true hairless, 1 moderately hairy hairless, I very hairy hairless, 1 powder puff, and 1 terrier coat. 3 of mine liked to dig some when they played in the yard as puppies but they grew out of it. My puff is obsessed with digging. My yard is covered in holes because she likes to dig until she finds a rock and then she'll carry it around in her mouth all full of herself. My youngest never had an interest.

As for fences, I never had a problem with them getting out except for when one corner pulled away from the post and made a hole. I side is another story. Two of my cresteds can jump over the extra tall baby gate I have closing off my kitchen. One will usually just jump up and hang on it ready to jump over but will get down when told to. The other will be up and over it by the time you walk away. This is the same dog who is obsessed with digging and the one who found the hole in the fence and got out. So with one, he knows not to jump over the gate even though he can and the other knows she shouldn't but doesn't care and does it any way.

Potty training...ugh. my dogs still don't tell me they need to go out and the oldest is 5 years the youngest just turned 2. They will do their business outside though, unless it's raining, snowing, or really really cold. For those times, I do keep down one of those potty patch grass things (which is what they use when they're locked in the kitchen when we're not home) and use diapers and belly bands.

I second the crested scream warning. It happens every time I get ready to cut nails. Two of mine are so bad that I only have to touch them while holding the nail clippers.

They definitely are cuddly lap dogs, mine spend 75% or more of their time inside sitting on my lap or next to me on the couch.

All my dogs are so different and they all have their quirks but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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