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Facing Realities That I'm Not Cutout For A Big Dog

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Lady & The Tramp

Lady & The Tramp

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I have wanted a Doberman for years. But because I don't drive and use public transit to get just about everywhere and well you can't really stick a full sized Dobie into a carrier and go, I didn't persue owning one.

I never realized how much more work a large dog is. Sure, I knew basics like food and vet bill are higher, exercise demands are higher, poo cleanup is bigger, etc. But EVERYTHING is more, things that most small dog owners wouldn't even think about.

For example, right now I walk 2 big dogs, a shepherd and a French Mastiff (not at the same time lol). Both are calm, well mannered, don't pull on the leash, and just lovely dogs. But just walking down the street with one is "more". I can walk down the street with 7rl small dogs and don't have to constantly say "she's friendly." I am way more conscientious of putting myself inbetween the big dog and passerbys. I'm much more on alert to see cats, squirrels, skateboards before the dogs do. All such little unconscious actions...but "more."

All large breed dog owners get a thumbs up from me!
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"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming part dog."

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I'm with you. i am not up to a large breed but I admire those that can handle them.
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I'm the opposite of you. I've always had large dogs. Batman is the first dog I've ever owned that weighed less than 50 pounds.

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    Fairy Dogmother

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We had Jack Russells, a large dog in a small body. they were a handful. After that, i knew i would never want a larger dog. Terriers work out well for us, and the hairless terriers are a great fit. we have the 2 CCPP's and they are good too, but more shy than we expected. While i love the larger breeds, like Danes and Dobies, i will never have one. Too much to deal with, and they don't live as long as a smaller dog, in general. 




Char, Muffy and Ginger

Char, Muffy and Ginger

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After reading this, my Muffy (20lb crestie) is a big dog. She behaves like a big dog. She pulls on the lead like a big dog. She charges at people animals. Trees. So I guess i'll be well groomed for having a big dog someday lol

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