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I Need Advise On Possible Behavior Changes Please

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My Chinese Crested, Larry, is a 9 year old male. He is usually very active. When I come in from work he is jumping up and down on his hind legs next to me and just very excited. He has always eaten very well and is fed a very nutritious and healthy diet. Starting two days ago he has been very distant and acting very strange. He will lay in his dog bed and will hardly get up even when I call his name and get home from work. The last two days when I get home I have had to go find where he was at instead of him running to me as soon as I open the door. He hasn't really eaten the last two days other than the occasional treat. As well as this abnormal behavior he has been shaking a lot while just laying. He normally does this when he is afraid (fireworks, loud thunder, ect) but there is nothing like this happening to cause him to shake. Has anyone else ever gone through this or noticed this type of behavior? Could it possibly be something he might have found and eaten? I am very concerned and will be taking him to the vet in the morning, but I wanted to reach out and see if any other owner might have gone through this. Thank you all in advance for the help. It is greatly appreciated.   

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Sounds like lethargy, which could be a lot of things. If he's shaking and won't eat, it's definitely time for the vet. Hope they can help you - keep us updated :)



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Yes, that sort of change definitely needs a vet check ASAP. you need the expertise of a vet who can run appropriate lab work etc. anything else is just guess work. Please keep us posted
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I hope he is okay.  Yes the vet visit is the next right step.  Will you please keep us posted.  I'm sending him get well vibes!



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Any news on Larry?
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