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My First Crested Babies!!!

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Hi!  My name is Desiree and I'm new to the forum.  I've wanted a chinese crested forever and as my adored catahoula leopard hound passed away from lymphatic cancer a few months ago, I've decided it's time to take the plunge.  I had decided last year that when it came time to get my next generation of dogs that I'd get two pups small enough to take with me when I fly, and no matter how many breeds I looked at and considered, I always came back to the little cresteds.  I've been scouring puppyfind and contacting breeders for a few weeks now and finally put a hold on two sisters today!!!  I can't wait to bring my two little babies home in a few weeks!  Kayla, my sweet little whippet mix, is 15.5 but still super healthy and playful and energetic - no one ever believes me when I tell them how old she is!  She's also the most well-behaved dog I've ever had, so I'm hoping she'll be a great example to her new siblings.  I've always been facinated by how dogs copy each other and learn from one another!  One pup is that beautiful white palomino color and the other is a very light lilac with apricot furnishings.  As a redhead I can't ever resist reddish pets!  It wasn't until AFTER I went through photos of all six of the puppies that were still available from this family's two litters, asked after their temperments, and chose two that got along well that I realized by accident that all of my pets will match.  My whippet is red (like Santa's Little Helper on The Simpson's) and my kitty I adopted last year is an apricot point siamese mix.  Anyway, I'm counting the days!  These will be my first hairless puppies though, so any advice on what products are best for them while they're still delicate babies would be much appreciated!




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Hi , and welcome to you all ....look forward to many pics of all 3 of your babies


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Hi and welcome! There is a lot of good information here to get you started and help you pass the time until you pick up your little ones.
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How exciting! Creative pups are the best! Super cute and very entertaining to watch! Especially since you will have 2! Can't wait to see pics once they are home! Congrats!




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Hello, and welcome to the group! One thing to know about cresteds, they rarely stay the same color they were as puppies. My Ruby (the dog pictured in my avatar), was named for what looked like a bright red clown wig on her head! By the time she was 6-7 months of age, her crest was a blonde color, with a bit of red only at the very tips. Will be fun to see how your pups look a year from now!

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Congratulations. You must be so excited, and the next few weeks will give you lots of time to read all of the threads on Crush. So much info: You couldn't have come to a better place. There are no silly questions, so ask about anything you can't find even if it seems silly. Someone will have an answer for you. We love photos, so be ready with your camera when they are home.  :biggrin:

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