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Itchy Foot Itchy Itchy

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so jack has forever had problem with chewing on feet and various small allergy issues (looking aside from his major allergy issues few yrs back that has still not come back phew...) this time around he chewed his foot farely badly and was very painful as a result.








finally healing now as more interested in the abraded skin from when i groomed him :p oops...


today we took an allergy test as well as full blood (due to age i wanted full bloods results tomorrow for that but haematology was fine) we took a skin allergy test






in total 15 injections with bloods today! what a trooper he was!!!


so the results after 20 mins was positive reaction to grass pollen mixture and tree pollen. good to at least know what he is allergic too even if wont do immunotherapy due to age and decreased efficacy.


one day break from injection and a vaccine tomorrow and tablet for travelling home for easter :p haha bless him he is so gonna hate the vets more after this



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My Rory licks and nibbles his feet too and also goes about halfway up his leg too.


It's non stop. It is worse in the spring and summer but happens all year - so frustrating for him and us.  He is prescribed some steroid tabs occasionally but they are not for long term use.


Generally, he hates getting his feet wet on the grass etc.


I read a while ago that regular bathing can ease the licking and Rory stops for around a week after a bath then starts up again.  He absolutely hates being bathed and shakes and quivers.


I've even tried buying premature baby socks to put on him but he shakes them off grrrrr.


We do love him though.






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I posted this under Allergy feet, originally. I believe it will help explain what we’ve been going through. Neelix is 5 years old and finally no longer frantically chews the hair off his front paws, wrists and rear feet too. His hair has now all grown back and he is finally happy again.

Hi, the answer to biting feet and frantically chewing off all the hair is.... drum roll please, a Medicine in pill form called Apoquel. It is dosed according to weight of the dog. This medication changed my dog’s life from a living hell to a wonderful life. I’m not kidding, this is serious and the symptoms my CC had went on all day and into the night and not only I’d it drive him crazy it drove me into such frustration trying to stop him from always biting his front paws until there were barely any hairs longer than 1/8 inch around his wrist and top of feet. It was awful and this was for the first three years of his life.

We had a new vet, she is wonderful, and she took the time to investigate online in her vet world (where? I don’t know), but she came back into the room and described the symptoms as a burning, tingling sensation is what my CC was feeling and he was compulsively trying to make it stop. ONE PILL, yes after that first pill within a few hours he stopped the incessant biting of his front paws. Done, except for a bit of licking, brief but no biting. Now he doesn’t bother them at all.

My husband is a pharmacist and said it was a medication used to treat people for psoriasis, and now used in dogs successfully. It’s dirt cheap for people, it’s $45 each m0nth for me. Unfortunately my husband can’t get the 10 mg dose pill. Ugh. No worry, we just have to buy it every month for the rest of the dog’s life, aaaaaaah! Honestly I would have paid hundred more just to get h9m to stop biting and biting and biting, poor guy. He would growl at me when I tried to stop him in the middle of the night when I’m wakened by the shaking and biting, I wanted to growl, too!

This Apoquel medication gave my CC his life back, peaceful days and nights and he is so much happier. It’s amazing. I hope this helps people as it has made all the difference in the world for my dog. Oh, and yes, I thought it was allergies, food, then fabric softener, detergent, fabrics on clothes, shampoos, conditioners, coconut oil, on and on. Believe me I tried everything for a few years. Truth was, in fact it was his immune system being a bit haywire and there was nothing I could ever do to change this, it was only affected by Apoquel. I am so grateful words can’t express.

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