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Kc Registering A Dog(Getting Papers)

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i have had my little chinese crested powderpuff girl for about 6 months now i think,well i bought her from my auntie and there where no papers but i know the father dog and i seen the mother so i know they are full breeds.



what i was wondering,is there any way to get papers for my dog? can i apply for them and get the dog tested at a vet or something to proove she is a full breed?



she is really great brilliant tempremant and lovely looking i get compliments all the time here coat is beautifull! only issue i had was biting but this has stopped now although she is a prolific licker :laugh:



really i would like to take her to some shows but i dont know much about them i have been told that if she did not have papers they would class her as a mixed breed,is that correct? also if i decide to breed her it would be good to have papers. i dont think i want to breed her my reason will probably make you all laugh,i just dont want to take her innocence away by letting a dog do nasty things to my little furry baby :blush:


also what to you folks think about getting her dressed? my only reason for asking is because i dont like the idea of blood ending up everywhere when she is in heat! i dont know much about this only from my mothers labrador who is a bitch she bled everywhere a few months back and it really did stink! :angry:


i could not handle stinking blood getting everywhere in my house!







also she is now house trained but the times when she missed the mat when i got her has made a part of my carpet smell really bad! i have tried cleaning it with the carpet shampooer but it still smells really bad! the carpet is very thick and has even thicker underlay if that makes any difference.


honestly the smell is terrible espessially because the bit of the carpet is next to my radiator! i have tried a good few different things but the smell is really getting to me so much so i have been avoiding having people in my house!

Addy's Mom

Addy's Mom

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If her parents, or even one of her parents, do not have papers, you can't register her.

As far as breeding: You do not know anything about her background beyond knowing who her parents are. You have NO health, genetic, temperament information on the dogs in her background at all. Knowing that she and the male you breed her to are "healthy" is not enough. Progressive retinal atrophy and lens luxation are real issues in this breed, and you need to do genetic testing on both breeding dogs. An eye exam at the vet is important but not sufficient. Knees and elbows are potential issues in all small dogs, and it's not enough to know your dog and the male are okay now. You want to know about how other dogs in their pedigrees aged, and you don't.

Also, breeding is no joke. Things can go wrong, far too easily, and you can lose your precious girl. :(

Think carefully whether you really want to do this.

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My Crestie

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I would have her spay done and leave the breeding of chinese cresteds to the experienced who have papers and health testing already.  Unless both her parents have papers and were bred by a responsible breeder who can get papers she will not get them. As far as your carpet there are products you can try, but taking her outside and teaching her to potty outside instead of on pads would be good your home.  It would be awful to feel you house smelled so bad that you can't have people over.  Try making the switch to outside pottying only. 

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Excellent advise from both above posts. Check on the number of Cresties in rescue waiting for homes too, then the ones that are euthanised in kill shelters because there are more waiting for homes than homes waiting for them. Can you afford a cesarean if she can't have them herself. In the UK currently in the region of £850 for a toy breed . I doubt it's any less if you are in across the Pond. If she has no milk, hand rearing is their only chance of survival. Every two hours day and night for at least two weeks. Are you up for that? What if your puppies get sick. Big vet: bills. Then there's worming, vaccinating, vet: checks, grooming, puff puppies can get in a mess quickly, and puppies eat huge amounts in the 10 weeks you have to keep them before letting them go to new homes,  assuming there homes for them.   You say your home smells from one little dog. Cresties can easily have eight puppies in a litter. Think of the smell that will create when they are being house trained, and if you get stuck with them, then what?  Please just enjoy your little pet dog as a friend, get her spayed..She's old enough now, and leave the breeding to breeders who know what they are doing, and have the knowledge and facilities to do it correctly.. Not wanting to upset you with this, but it is fact. 

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You can show an altered dog in UKC confo.  If you'd liek to play and get some experience, that is the way to go.  LEarn with this pup, find a mentor, and look into a well bred dog, from a good breeder in future if you think breeding is something you are interested in.  There are a ton of sports.. Depending upon where you live will depend upon what is close and what is harder to get to..


My crested boy is from a not so amazing breeder.  While he was intact when I got him, he is altered and we do performance sports.  He excells at agility and racing.  The sighthound club lets non traditional breeds play for titles if the parents club allows it.  Crested club of Canada is fine with it. 


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sorry for taking so long to reply


well both of the parents have papers and are very healthy they where both bought from reputable breeders!


i got the puppy from my auntie who bred her from two of her own dogs.


i am not too bothered about papers but i was just wonderng how it works,i do know she has been given a clean bill of health as have the parents.


i need to upload some decent quallity pictures of her she is a absolute belter! i have been told by a local breeder she is one of the best she has seen and she said i should take her to some shows! this is why i wanted papers i am not interested in breeding her but i would really like to show her!


both of my aunties dogs have papers i asked her but she said that the dog only had two puppies and both where going to family ie me and my sister so she did not bother with the papers.


so i was wondering how hard it is to get them if both her dogs have the papers and she still has both of them

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