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Chinese Crested Crush Rules

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Ups N Downs

Ups N Downs
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Personal Information:

*No posting of personal information (Full names, Street Address, Phone Number, Email) of another person

*Use discretion while posting your own personal information. This is a public forum, viewable by anyone.

*If someone is asking for contact information of a member, please PM them.


Kennel Names:

*Only Crush Approved kennel names and names of registered show dogs may be used on the forum

*All other kennel names/registered show dog name may only be used in private (PM)



*Only approved breeders may post pictures of the litters that they breed

*No posting pictures of puppies under 8 weeks of age unless you are an approved breeder or the puppy has reached 8 weeks of age

*Only recognized rescue agencies may post pictures of litters that are currently in foster homes for adoption

*Pictures posted are not to have any identifying marks on them, such as tags from other website/kennels, etc

*Pictures of breeder dogs not from a Crush Approved breeder for the purpose of showing them as the sire and dam are not allowed



*Any breeder wishing to join Crush and post as a breeder, must fill out Crush's Breeder Survey and pass it to the satisfaction of the Admins.

*If you are approved as a breeder, you may post as a breeder, post pics of litters and use your website and kennel names. You may also use the kennel names of any dogs that you currently own and are in possession of.

*If you are a breeder and are not approved, you may not refer to yourself as a breeder, discuss breeding in any way (including, but not limited to, talk of pregnant dogs), post pictures of litters, use your kennel name or have your website listed anywhere on Crush.

*If it is seen that any of these things are posted on Crush, they will be removed by the Admin/Mod Team and you will be given a warning. After the second warning, you will be banned from Crush for an amount of time to be determined by the Admins, all the way up to a permanent ban.



 *Crush will only allow rescues listed as non-profit 501©(3) to post as a Rescue Agency

*Members who do private rescue and members looking to re-home their Chinese Cresteds will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Admin/Mod team

* Crush may remove any rescue regardless of non profit status


Craigslist Ads:

*Any Craigslist ad that is posted, the dog must be either Free To A Good Home or had a re homing fee of $200 or less.

*Any CL ad that a member wants to post, the member is responsible for contacting the Craigslist person and find out if the dog is spayed/neutered and up to date on all shots, it the ad does not specify.

*Any member interested in a dog from a Craigslist ad that is posted on Crush, is to contact the Crush member who posted the CL ad via PM.



*No posting links to other Crested forums

*Please make sure your links work properly. Incorrect or 'dead' links will be removed. Also if you come across an incorrect or 'dead' link, please PM an Admin or Mod.

*No posting of controversial links. If the Admin/Mod team feels a link is controversial, it will be removed and you will be given a warning.

*After the second warning, you will be banned from Crush for an amount of time to be determined by the Admins, all the way up to a permanent ban.



*Only active members, with more than 25 posts may advertise things that they have for sale

*Crush will not allow the posting and/or advertising of any animals for sale

*Any posts violating these guidelines will be removed



*Signatures should be reasonably sized to respect members with lower resolution displays (Noone should see a screen full of one signature)

*Content included in signatures should be related to the topics of the forum

*Signatures found to be outside of above stated guidelines, through the sole determination of the administrator(s) and moderator(s) of the forum, are subject to be edited and/or removed.


General Conduct:

*It is expected that every Crush member act civilly. We understand that passions can run high on occasion, but no flaming, name calling or general snarkiness will be tolerated.

*We will also enforce a "PITA" rule. Any member who becomes a PITA, in any way to the Admins, Mods or to members of Crush will not be tolerated.

*Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.


With all the gray areas that we encounter here at Crush, there will be things that pop up from time to time that will not fit nicely into one of these categories. If that is the case, issues in question will be handled on a case by case basis by the Admins & Mods of the forum


Although the administrators and moderators of Chinese Crested Crush will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Chinese Crested Crush, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.


By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.


With many of the gray areas and topics that may not fit perfectly into one of the above listed rules, will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The owners of Chinese Crested Crush reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.




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