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Skin Cancer

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About a week ago I noticed a weird looking sore on Yoda's front leg so I took him into the vet today and they said they don't know if it's skin cancer or not. He also has some dark spots on his back that I've been worried about so they want me to bring him back tomorrow and they will remove the sore/growth and some of the dark spots and send them off to see if it's skin cancer. Needless to say I'm extremely worried. I don't know much about skin cancer in dogs but I know that some of you have dealt with this, so any advice or information you have would be very much appreciated. 

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Not sure what you mean by dark spots.  A crestie will get age spots, not unlike a human.  Morgan used to be a smooth solid grey but gradually got the age spots when she was around 5 or so.  She's 9 now and they're all over her and all different sizes.  Skin cancer would look a bit more raised, I'd think, and gnarly looking.

But, yes, cc's can and do get skin cancer, but it's not really very common.

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Lola had malignant melanoma on her back about two years ago. After the biopsy, they took her back to surgery and removed about a 3x6" piece of skin. So far she has not had any further problems. I understand if these occur on the paws, they are much harder to treat. Good luck and keep us posted.
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